Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (2024)

If you're looking for the best commuter bike for your trip to and from the office, that will keep you rolling from home to work (and anywhere else) on a daily basis with minimal maintenance, then there are several options on the market.

The ideal commuting bike for you depends heavily upon the nature of your commute: are the roads smooth? Will it include a spin down your local bike path? Or combine a stint on public transport?

Either way, you certainly won't want to be doing the daily hustle on one of the best road bikes, unless you are using your commute as part of your training. Owning one of these is likely to have taken a fair bit of investment, so it's best not to subject it to the daily grind.

If you are thinking of taking to two wheels on a daily basis, you'll find these top tips for commuting to work by bike provide lots of great advice for getting the best out of riding to work. We've loads of advice on the other kit you'll need too, including the best commuter cycling helmets and best commuter cycling jackets as well as the best commuter bike pedals, not to mention the best waterproof cycling trousers for when the rain starts.

But where do you start with getting the best commuter bike to start with?

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (1)

Specialized Sirrus 2.0

The Specialized Sirrus does the basics of a commuting bike well, with a solid spec that includes hydraulic disc brakes, wide gear range and mounting points.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (2)

Ribble Hybrid AL e

If you're looking for an electric hybrid bike, the AL e has a good range and a lightweight stealth motor system, plenty of gear range and the option to spec a rack, lights and mudguards.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (3)

Brompton C Line

The Brompton range now includes superlight and electric models, but the original C Line still offers a great city riding option that packs away tiny.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (4)

Kona Coco

Kona's Coco offers a classic step through frame, upright ride position and wide tyres with mudguards for a comfortable ride through the city.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (5)

Cannondale Adventure 2

The low step through frame of the Cannondale Adventure makes getting on and off the bike a breeze, while front suspension and wide tyres help to smooth the road.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (6)

Triban RC500

Decathlon's Triban RC500 has the basics covered in a versatile budget drop bar bike complete with disc brakes.

Best commuter bikes

You can trust Cycling Weekly. Our team of experts put in hard miles testing cycling tech and will always share honest, unbiased advice to help you choose. Find out more about how we test.

We've split this guide into these six different styles of bike. With each bike 'style' we've outlined the pros and cons and included some recommended models.

We've not included any of the best electric bikes in this list, as they need a dedicated guide on their own, but do head over if you are after a bit of motor power as they are a very popular commuting option, making for a little less exertion on the commute, so you're less likely to arrive hot or tired.

Hybrid and fitness bikes

Good for: Urban riding, gentle off-road if you choose one with wider tyres

The best hybrid bikes and best women's hybrids are the most popular choice when it comes to commuting. They're a mixture between road and mountain bikes - often combining a lightweight aluminium frame with slick yet wide tyres and disc brakes.

There are many different styles of hybrid bike - some are closer to mountain bikes and come with suspension and wide tyres (35mm or more), whilst others are effectively road bikes with flat handlebars (with tyres around 25mm-28mm). We are also seeing a select few hybrid and fitness bikes adopting smaller 650b wheels which allow for super plump rubber that eats up rough roads and paths.

If you are looking for an option that has speed as a priority, then head over to our page dedicated to finding you one of the best fitness bikes.

However, we have included one or two below for commuters wanting to get some speed and distance, and to help with comparing your options.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (7)

1. Specialized Sirrus 2.0

Best commuting bike for value


Frame: Alloy with steel fork

Drivetrain: Shimano Acera/ Altus / Tourney 8-speed

Ratios: 46/30t, 11-32t

Wheels: Alloy 700c

Tires: RoadSport Reflect, Wire bead 32mm

Brakes: Promax F1 hydraulic disc

Weight: TBC

Reasons to buy


Great value for riders after a basic do all


Impressive reliable shifting


Mounts for fenders, panniers

Reasons to avoid


Not the most nimble of bikes


Overly-upright position

The Specialized Sirrus hybrid is made of the brand's A1 Alloy butted aluminium and is the perfect commuting companion for anyone just looking to get the job done. The bike rolls on 700c wheels but with room for 42mm wide tyres, allowing it to tackle rough roads and dirt paths in some comfort, as well as being happy on the paved road. There are rack and fender/ mudguard mounts on the dropped seat stays and the fork, as well as bosses for two bottles cages inside the main triangle, making this one of the best commuting bikes for riders looking to calibrate their own mule for work.

On test, we found that the Shimano set up was superb at gear shifting, and although the more recent models are now rapid fire 2x8-speed, there will still be a wide range of gears to choose from, making even hilly commutes easier to tackle. Details such as the front chainguard to prevent greasy dropped chains are a nice practical touch on a commuter bike too.

Now the Sirrus range has been around for a while, it's been able to grow quite large, with Sirrus 1.0 up to 4.0 now on offer, with the actual Sirrus 2.0 coming in four versions, a Sirrus X 2.0 provides a more off-road happy setup, and step through versions of both the X and standard models. There's even a range of colours to choose from too.

The line-up was extended again in 2023 with a brand new frame design for the latest versions of the Sirrus 6.0 and the Sirrus X 5.0, which we reviewed recently.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (8)

(Image credit: Transend)

2. Momentum Transend E+ hybrid e-bike

Best commuter bike for extra assistance


Frame: Aluxx aluminium, aluminium fork

Drivetrain: Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gear

Ratios: 38t chainset

Wheels: Alloy 650b

Tires: CST Metropolitan Palm Bay 2.35"

Brakes: Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc

Weight: Not specified

Reasons to buy


Motor provides up to 100 miles range


Step through or crossbar frame options


Wide, comfortable tyres

Reasons to avoid


Motor adds weight if you need to carry your bike

The Momentum Transend E+ adds a motor to make your commute that much easier, especially if it includes hills or lots of stop-start riding. There's a Yamaha motor with 250W/60Nm power output and five different modes that augment your pedal power and drive the bike through a Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gear that cuts down on lubrication and maintenance.

The 500Wh battery provides plenty of capacity and a range of up to 105 miles. It can be recharged by 80 per cent in under two hours. Stopping power comes from Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, while chunky 2.35" tyres and a quality Selle Royal saddle help make riding more comfortable.

The Transend E+ is available either with a crossbar or step through frame and comes in a range of four cheerful colours.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (9)

(Image credit: Future)

3. Marin Presidio 2 hybrid bike

Best commuter bike for minimal maintenance


Frame: Aluminium, aluminium fork

Drivetrain: Shimano Nexus 7-speed hub gear

Ratios: 42t chainset

Wheels: Alloy 700c

Tires: Vee Baldy 32mm

Brakes: Shimano U300 hydraulic disc

Weight: Not given

Reasons to buy


Beginner-friendly design


Extremely versatile


Low maintenance drivetrain

Reasons to avoid


Clunky twist shifters


Backswept bars could be wider

Scoring nearly full marks on review, we concluded that the Marin's Presidio 2 was the ideal option for anyone who just wants a bike to get about on, without needing to fuss about or even bother cleaning it on a regular basis!

It offers a double butted aluminium frame and fork, which is a higher spec than many bikes at this price point, and is a great foundation for providing a really comfortable ride.

We adored the Shimano Nexus hub gear system. It effectively does away with an external cassette, so is super low maintenance in terms of wear and tear, and won't require the regular 'de-crudding' that a standard gear set up needs if a bike gets ridden in all weather. It also offers enough options for all but the hilliest of commutes with seven 'gears' to choose from thanks to the huge range they have. More experienced riders might find there are some large 'gaps' in this set up, but if you just want to know if you can ride it on the flat and uphill, the answer is most definitely yes.

A set of powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide ample stopping ability, while the backswept handlebars make for a great relaxed and comfortable co*ckpit.

If you're after one of the best commuter bikes for jobbing about town, and not much interested in the shiny pro look, then this is the one.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (10)

4. Pinnacle Lithium 3 Hybrid bike

Best commuter bike for a jack of all trades


Frame: Aluminium, steel fork

Drivetrain: Shimano Altera/Altus 8-speed

Ratios: 42/32/22T, 12-32T

Wheels: Alloy 700c

Tires: Continental Contact Speed 40mm

Brakes: Tektro Auriga M275 hydraulic

Weight: 12.8kg

Reasons to buy


Versatile riding discipline options


Fun to ride


Competitively priced

We found the Pinnacle Lithium hybrid bike a real joy to ride giving it full marks in the review. It would make a fantastic first adult bike for riders who start off with just commuting, but would like to add in some weekend rides with the family, or just for the joy of cycling.

The aluminium frame sports both mudguard and pannier mounts, ticking two major boxes for a versatile commuter bike, while the 40c Continental Contact Speed tyres make it possible to also hit towpaths of groomed trails.

The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful and modulated braking even in wet conditions, whilst the 3x8 drivetrain offers a huge choice of gears, more than sufficient for even the steepest of hills, although we did notice a little flex in the frame when out of the saddle on the steepest climbs.

There are some compromises to be had on this amount of versatility though, and it's mostly around speed in the city, with the wide handlebars also reducing the bike's nimbleness.

That said, if you're after one of the best commuters that's doubles up as a weekend play toy, then the Pinnacle Lithium is a great choice and great value.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (11)

(Image credit: Priority)

5. Priority Continuum Onyx

Best commuter bike for busy (aka forgetful) riders


Frame: Aluminium, aluminium fork

Drivetrain: Gates belt drive, enviolo Trekking 8-speed hub gear

Ratios: 50T, 24T

Wheels: Alloy 700c, front dynamo hub

Tires: WTB Slick 32mm

Brakes: Tektro hydraulic

Weight: 14kg

Reasons to buy


Integrate lights, fenders, and kickstand


Dynamo Hub for powering lights


Smooth, maintenance free, drivetrain

Reasons to avoid


Heavy relative to other bikes in its category

This Priority Continuum Onyx is another bike banger with full marks when we reviewed it. It's the perfect commuter bike for anyone who is constantly rushing around, and prone to forgetting to charge lights, maintain their bike, or not quite getting round to checking weather reports.

It comes with integrated lights, and incredibly handy dynamo hub to keep them powered.

The belt drive and hub gears dramatically reduce maintenance, and the chance of greasy marks on your clothes, as it does away with a chain and regular oiling/ greasing requirements.

The other perk is integrated fenders which keep road spray to a minimum, helping to keep the bike, and you clean and dry, ideal for when you've forgotten to pack the waterproof trousers.

The all-aluminium bike isn't the lightest, at 14kg, especially when compared to something like the Pinnacle Lithium 3 Hybrid bike, but it does include all bar the lock and rider, so in reality it's more a like for like, but without having to set all the alarms to charge lights, book in a service, or even oil a chain.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (12)

(Image credit: Halfords)

6. Carrera Subway 1

Best commuter bike on a budget


Frame: Aluminium, steel fork

Drivetrain: Shimano TX800 8-speed

Ratios: 46/30t, 11-34t

Wheels: Alloy 27.5 inch

Tires: Carrera Puncture Protect 1.95 inch

Brakes: Mechanical disc

Weight: 14kg

Reasons to buy


Mens and women's options


Disc brakes for improved stopping power


Pannier and mudguard mounts


Low price tag

Reasons to avoid


Women's specific only available in Subway 1


Ride might feel too ridged for some


Not very comfortable to ride for a long time


Pedals could do with an upgrade

If you are on a tight budget then the Carrera Subway 1 is worth having a look at. It comes in male and female versions (the female one has a dropped crossbar), and has some great features, such as the ability to mount mudguards, and panniers even with the large tyres.

It's these tyres that also make it a good option for some mixed terrain riding, although, it has quite a rigid feel, which could put some riders off taking it away from smooth tarmac.

It's great to see disc breaks at this price point, but be aware that they are mechanical ones, so not quite as impressive as hydraulic versions you would see on bikes slightly higher priced, such as the Specialized Sirrus 2.0, but this is almost half the price, and in general they should perform better than rim brakes in the wet at this price point.

The 24 gears are enough for hilly rides, but it's not the most comfortable of bikes for any real duration, and the pedals do need an upgrade to prevent slipping on them, but if you're after a budget option, this is one of the best commuter bikes you could get.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (13)

(Image credit: ribble)

7. Ribble Hybrid AL e

Stylish commuter option with added motor


Frame: Aluminium frame and fork

Drivetrain: SRAM NX Urban 11-speed

Ratios: 42t, 11-42t

Wheels: Mavic Allroad EBM 700c

Tires: Schwalbe Marathon 35mm

Brakes: Rever Attack U hydraulic disc

Weight: Not specified

Reasons to buy


Stealthy hidden motor is reasonably lightweight


Available with a range of specs


Attractive and comfortable

Reasons to avoid


May need to size up if you're close to the top of a size range

The Ribble Hybrid AL e offers a stylish option for the commute that includes a hidden motor and internal battery for extra assistance. Like all Ribble's bikes, you can choose between spec options with the Fully Loaded option reviewed including a rack, lights and mudguards, so you're all set up.

The motor and battery weigh just 3.5 kilograms, so the Hybrid AL e is lightweight and portable for an electric bike, but you still get a range of around 60 miles and assistance is customisable via the Mahle ebikemotion app to prioritise range or assistance to suit your riding style and commute.

The rest of the spec is well thought out with a single chainring SRAM NX drivetrain with a wide range 11-42 tooth cassette, quality Mavic wheels, hydraulic disc brakes and a comfortable saddle for commuting.

Folding bikes

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (14)

(Image credit: Future)

Good for: Commutes with that also utilise public transport

If you're combining your journey with a train, bus ride or another mode of transport, then owning one of the best folding bikes is certainly the way to go.

Doing so can drastically cut down your travel time, giving you the chance to ride to a faster train station, cut out the walk on either side, or reduce your car journey by parking out of town and riding the rest of the way.

The nature of the folding bike also means you can pop it under your desk at work, meaning it won't be subjected to the elements or bike thieves who'd like to ruin your day, as revealed in this candid interview where a bike thief reveals tricks of the trade.

Folding bikes come in all sorts of wheel sizes. The smaller the wheel size, the easier it'll be to get the bike on a train, but a bigger wheel will be quicker.

Folders are also popular among those who want a bike they can take on vacation with ease in the back of the car or camper van.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (15)

8. B’Twin Tilt 500 folding bike

Best commuting bike for foling on a budget


Frame: Aluminium, steel fork

Drivetrain: Shimano 7-speed

Ratios: Not given

Wheels: Alloy, 20 inch

Tires: B'Twin 20 x 1.75 inch

Brakes: Steel V-brake

Weight: 12.9kg

Reasons to buy


Good value option


Easy adjustment


Quick to fold

Reasons to avoid


Quite heavy to carry around

There are several B’Twin Tilt models available, all of which follow the same folding system, adjustable bar and saddle height, to make them ideal for sharing. The B’Twin Tilt 500, as pictured above, sits in the middle of the range and comes with a single chainring at the front and Shimano 7-speed rear cassette.

The Decathlon brand of bikes come up time and time again as one of the most impressive value for money options, so we'd expect this folding commuting bike to be more of the same.

The only thing worth pointing out is that it's a pretty heavy package, in fact it's a similar weight to the Pinnacle Lithium 3 Hybrid bike, so worth bearing in mind if you are planning on getting on and off public transport or out of a car boot.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (16)

9. Brompton M3L folding bike

Best commuting bike for lightweight folding


Frame: Steel, steel fork

Drivetrain: 3-speed

Ratios: Not given

Wheels: Alloy

Tires: Schwalbe Marathon

Brakes: Rim

Weight: 12.1kg

Reasons to buy


Relatively lightweight


Folding action works perfectly


Ride quality is good

Reasons to avoid


A little more expensive than the standard lightweight models from Brompton

We've loved any of the bikes produced by the folding market leader, and it's easy to see why with almost all our reviews giving the Brompton bike range full marks. Brompton allows you to spec your own folding bike with the ideal handlebar type, gear set up and accessory selection. This is why it's a little tricky to review just one model.

The bikes excel in their field thanks to their incredibly lightweight nature and speed of folding and compact footprint.

There are several versions to choose from, which now include an electric version, albeit for a premium price of £2595 / $3499. The M3L has the M-shaped handlebars which are comfortable for commuting and comes with three gears.

It's a premium commuter bike option, but once you've tried one, it's hard to make the compromises that other bikes require.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (17)

10. Tern Eclipse X22 folding bike

Best commuting bike for a hybrid folder


Frame: Aluminium frame and fork

Drivetrain: Shimano Ultegra/105 11-speed

Ratios: 50/34t, 11-28t

Wheels: Kinetix Pro X Disc

Tires: Schwalbe Kojak 35mm

Brakes: Shimano Deore hydraulic

Weight: 11.3kg

Reasons to buy


Rides fast, like a standard hybrid


Smart looks


High spec drivetrain

Reasons to avoid


A bit cumbersome when folded


An expensive option

Straddling both the hybrid and folding camps, the Tern Eclipse X22 folding bike gains the practicalities of larger wheels, but with the ability to fold in half. So it's the ideal commuting bike for someone who is looking for marginal gains in their journey from home to station.

The aluminium frame is built around 26 inch wheels, and disc brakes – the greater diameter makes for faster rides but means the folded unit isn’t quite as small as traditional options, but it does allow it to be equipped with standard road bike parts.

To that end, it comes with an impressive Shimano Ultegra groupset and Shimano SLX hydraulic disc brakes, making this bike actually pretty high end, rivalling some of the best road bikes on the market. That might be obvious when you look at the price tag, and realise that with a few extra zeros than something like the B’Twin Tilt 500 folding bike, you would want something pretty special.

Dutch, comfort and cruiser bikes

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (18)

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Good for: Carrying luggage and flat roads

The traditional town bike, also sometimes called a Dutch bike, cruiser, sit up and beg or step-through. These bikes are often designed with practicality in mind and speed a little bit further down the list of demands.

Expect features such as hub gears - which require a lot less maintenance, chain guards to keep muck off your trouser leg, kickstands, dynamo lights and built in racks.

These bikes put the rider in a very upright position - so you can ride one with a bag slung over your shoulder with ease, and they carry luggage well.

Dutch bikes often feature a limited number of gears, and are pretty heavy compared to the majority of other options (expect around 13kg). The additional weight means they often feel very stable - but they're rarely a good choice if you live somewhere particularly hilly (though there are electric options out there).

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (19)

11. Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike

Best commuting bike for traditional looks with modern specification


Frame: Aluminium, steel fork

Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney 7 Speed,

Ratios: 36t, 14-28t

Wheels: Aluminium

Tires: Kenda Smooth Roll, 38mm

Brakes: V-brakes

Weight: 14.6kg

Reasons to buy


Classic looks


Comes with rack and mudguards


Step-through frame

Reasons to avoid


Quite heavy so make sure you really want this look and design

A faithful iteration of a timeless classic, but this time the 7-speed drivetrain is from industry experts Shimano, giving you confidence in its reliability. The V-brakes do lend themselves to straightforward serviceability, and complete this old fashioned style bike's looks. With a bike this heavy you might find it takes some pulling to get the bike to stop, although you're probably not in danger of breaking the speed limit.

Fenders and chainguard serve to protect you from the grime of the roads and drivetrain. Coming with a pannier rack already attached, the Somerby is ready for carrying loads straight from the get-go making it actually pretty practical.

There are lots of electric versions available now, which will push the price up, but we'd say if you are serious about wanting a more traditional style bike, but don't live in a flat village or town, then the extra power will be really worth considering.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (20)

(Image credit: Kona)

12. Kona Coco

Best commuter bike for riders wanting a classic bike with modern details


Frame : Aluminium

Drivetrain: Shimano/ Samox

Ratios: 39/11-32 (9 speed)

Wheels : Formular hubs/ double wall alloy

Tires: WTB Horizon Comp

Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic

Weight: TBC

Reasons to buy


Step-through, up right riding position


650b wheels makes mix terrain riding possible


Hydraulic brakes


Fenders/ mudguards as standard


Puncture resistant tyres



Reasons to avoid


Not an agile bike for speedy commutes


650b wheel size might not be everyone's ideal.


Doesn't come with baskets/ pannier racks as standard

The Kona Coco bike is a modern twist on a traditional Dutch-style bike. The frame design pays homage to the thin tubing shapes on a more historical step-through bike, but this time it's made from a forgiving 6061 Aluminium, and corresponding aluminium fork.

Some of the cabling has been routed internally, which gives the bike its clean lines and helps keep them a lot cleaner.

This of course is more about the rear gear cable, with the front chainring running a single 39t, with handy guard to prevent the risk of it dropping off and covering you in grease. At the back there is a good spread of 9 gear options (11-32), which will be enough for undulating terrain, but regular bike users will find there are some big jumps between the gears.

Selecting hydraulic brakes keeps this traditional looking bike bang up to date, as well delivering superior stopping power.

The frame design goal is to deliver comfort, rather than an agile ride, so if you're looking for a speedy commute, you will have to look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for one of the best commuting bikes, that is happy on a towpath, or old railway line, then the 650b wheels are a great addition, with their voluminous tyres, for rolling over a variety of surfaces.

The other point of note is that unlike something like the Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike, there aren't any racks or baskets as standard on the Kona Coco, so while it's a great looking, and functioning bike, you'll have to carry your shopping on your back unless you fork out for the optional extras.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (21)

(Image credit: Cannondale)

13. Cannondale Adventure 2 bike

Best commuter bike for a comfortable step-through


Frame: Aluminium/ Suntour NEX-E25 50mm coil fork

Drivetrain : microSHIFT M26S / Sunrace

Ratios: 38T, 11-34 (7 Speed)

Wheels : 650b Formular hub, Cannondale double wall rims

Tires: Goodyear Transit Tour 27.5 x2.0"

Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc

Weight: TBC

Reasons to buy


Hybrid/ Dutch mix


Front suspension


650b wheels for comfort and terrain variety

Reasons to avoid


Mechanical disc brakes


Pricey option when compared to peers

There are three bikes in the Cannondale Adventure range, all with the same traditional step-through aesthetics, but with modern practicalities making them much more appealing to riders.

The Adventure could easily be placed as one of the best hybrid commuting bikes, as there are many crossover features that this bike benefits from, most notably the addition of a front suspension, providing the rider with 50mm of travel. This, combined with the 650b wheels, should give the bike ample cushioning on even rough terrain. This doesn't mean that it will be happy to grace trail centres; anyone who has tried to ride a step-though bike off-road will testify to that.

As with the Kona Coco, the 650b wheels will be hit or miss depending on the rider, so something to think about in terms of spares etc. Gears wise, you also get the single chainring, but this time just 7 gears at the rear, making the jumps across the 11-34 gear ratio pretty large.

Also similarly to the Kona Coca, the Cannondale Adventure gains disc brakes. On the Adventure 2, as shown here, however, these are mechanical ones. You could upgrade to the Cannondale Adventure EQ and, along with a few more upgraded features, gain hydraulic ones.

Whatever model you select, you will probably be looking at a premium price tag for the privilege of the Cannondale knowledge and experience of making bikes and it's only the rider/ buyer who can decide if the premium is worth it.

Singlespeed and fixed gear bikes

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (22)

(Image credit: Future)

Good for:Speedy commuting on flat roads

A bike has one chainring and one rear cog - amounting to a single gear, with how hard it is denominated in gear-inches. Even if you purchase one of the best single speed or fixed gear bikes, you'll still want to pick a bike gear which will enable you to cover the terrain you have in mind - somewhere between 65 inches and 75 inches works best for people commuting on flat roads but the ideal really does depend upon your cadence and leg strength. If this is already starting to sound like a different language, then perhaps pop over to our page on bike gears: shifting explained for beginners which will help you interpret, and you'll soon be a native ratio speaker.

Once you've got the right gear sorted, singlespeeds are beautifully simple and having one cog does drastically reduce the maintenance required. As a result, singlespeeds are favoured by city commuters using mostly flat roads.

Some singlespeeds use a fixed gear - and are called 'fixie' bikes for short. This means that, like the best track bikes, well any track bike for that matter, there's no freewheel. You can't coast, and have to pedal constantly. Slowing down means applying pressure to the pedals - though to ride on the road legally you must have a working front brake. Fixies are often used by bike couriers - they enable quick and nimble movement, once you know how to operate the pedals.

If you're not sure if you want a fixed or freewheel singlespeed, many bikes come with a flip-flop hub - one side has a fixed-gear sprocket, and the other a freewheel, allowing you to swap between the two.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (23)

14. Creme Vinyl Uno Bike

Best commuting bike for riding out the box


Frame: Steel

Drivetrain: Creme Classic

Ratios: 46t, 17t

Wheels: Track alloy

Tires: Michelin Dynamic Sport, 42mm

Brakes: Dual pivot rim

Weight: 10.6kg

Reasons to buy


Simple, versatile design


Clean looks


Flip flop hub for single speed or fixed options

Reasons to avoid


High ratio to the stock gearing

The Dutch brand has been designing city bikes for just over ten years, with the Vinyl Uno one of its single speed offerings.

A steel frame and fork are teamed with rim brakes and do look the biz, and there are many riders who would appreciate the clean lines that doing away with gear cables allow.

The riser flat bar does mean that there's not much after purchase wriggle room with the bike fit, so it's worth double checking that the geometry works for you first, but this does limit faff to just saddle and stem height.

The added bonus of the Creme Vinyl Uno, is that it comes with a flip flop hub, allowing it to be either fixed or a single speed (so you can freewheel). However the standard gearing of 46/17T is a pretty big gear to push, especially on any incline, so it's worth adding a bigger sprocket and longer chain to the shopping basket if you’re planning to ride somewhere with a few hills.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (24)

(Image credit: Decathlon)

15. Elops 500 city bike

Best commuting singles peed bike on a budget


Wheels: 700c alloy w/ flip-flop hub

Tires: N/A

Brakes: Dual-pivot caliper

Weight: 11.6kg

Reasons to buy


Flip-flop hub


Durable steel frame

Reasons to avoid


Not the lightest at over 11kg

Decathlon's Elops City Bike 500 was previously branded under its B'Twin label. However, the bike remains the same - which if you're after a straightforward single speed bike for your daily commute is a good thing.

For under $/£300, you get a durable steel frame and forks that uses dual-pivot caliper brakes to bring it to a halt. The gearing is 44x18, which means a single 44t chainring paired with a 18t cog - and it's fitted to a flip-flop hub, which gives you the choice of riding either with a freewheel or a fixed gear.

Best suited to short, flat commutes the Elops single speed features relatively narrow 520mm alloy bars, which should allow you to navigate gaps in the traffic while still remaining stable. Given it's price point and it's steel frame, it's not the lightest bike you'll come across .

Entry level road bikes

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (25)

(Image credit: Chris Catchpole)

Good for:Longer commutes and enjoying on the weekend

There's nothing stopping you from using your standard road bike for the commute - and if you're already a dedicated roadie using your bike for weekend and leisure rides, then it could make sense to get still more use out of it.

Some of the best endurance road bikes make for ideal commuter bikes - in that they offer a slightly more relaxed position.

If you're considering buying a new road bike with commuting at front of mind, then look for one to ensure you can fit a pair of the best mudguards when riding in autumn and winter, and check for eyelets for a pannier rack. Check out our guide to the best cheap road bikes that we've ridden.

Skinny tyres on a standard road bike mean they're more suited to good, paved, tarmac roads - so the road bike isn't the perfect choice if you want to amble along some canal paths - though the cyclocross or adventure bikes below might be an option.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (26)

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16. Triban RC500

Best commuter bike for adding in a road ride at the weekend


Frame: Aluminium frame/ Carbon fork

Drivetrain: Shimano Sora

Ratios: 50/34t 11-32t (9-speed)

Wheels: Triban Tubeless Ready* wheels

Tires : Triban Resist+ tyres

Brakes : Promax disc (mecanical)

Weight: 10.6 (medium) Claimed

Reasons to buy


Great price for a well thought out bike


Very capable of completing sportive events and road riding training/ general rides


Mounts for fenders/ mudguards and pannier racks


Wheels can take tubeless tyres for less chance of punctures

Reasons to avoid


Mechanical disc brakes

We really loved the flat bar version of this Triban RC500 , as well as previous iterations, constantly finding it excellent value for money.

This dependable and versatile option is a great commuter bike for anyone looking to up their ride time at the weekend, and is even capable of tacking the odd sportive event too.

The practical nature allows both fenders/ mudguards to be added to the frame, as well as pannier racks, making this also the perfect workhorse for mid-week commutes. This is down to a combination of the bike design, with the carbon fork, which like the Boardman SLR 8.6, is a rare find in this buyers guide to the best commuting bikes. It's also down to the highly regarded drivetrain, with Shimano Sora shifting like clockwork.

Ideally we would love to have seen hydraulic brakes, as the mechanical ones fitted do feel a little less powerful, but with the price point, this is really the only compromise that's been made.

As the review suggests, there is a flat bar and dropped bar versions to be had, with the dropped bar version, the (as was) B'Twin Triban 500SE road bike, also gaining accolades from us when we last saw it and it's been further improved since then too.

A brilliant option as a cheap commuter road bike.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (27)

17. Boardman SLR 8.6

Best commuting bike for keeping your 'road bike' position


Frame: Aluminium, carbon forks

Drivetrain: Shimano Claris 8-speed

Ratios: 50/34t, 11-32t

Wheels: Alloy

Tires: Vittoria Zaffiro, 25mm

Brakes: Tektro R-315 rim

Weight: TBC

Reasons to buy


Sleek clean tubing aesthetics


Keeps a road bike geometry


Agile ride

Reasons to avoid


Wheels are a place of compromise


Rim brakes

There are several different options within the Boardman bike range but the Boardman SLR 8.6 version is the entry level road bike that comes with the desirable features of a commuter bike, but the aesthetics and geometry of a road bike.

The SLR 8.6 comes with mudguard and pannier mounts, as well as easier to replace threaded bottom bracket, meaning that choosing it as your commuting bike is a great option for its versatility and its easier home maintenance.

All models come with women’s versions available featuring women’s specific contact points, meaning that this bike is ready to roll out the box whatever the rider.

This is another entry to join the Triban RC500 in the category of an aluminium frame and carbon fork combination, but this time you gain Shimano Claris 8-speed shifting, with a 50/34t at the front and 11-32 at the rear for nice and well spaced gear changes.

The downside is that at this price point with the Boardman, you lose disc brakes and are specced Tektro rim braking. This might be an area that you want to upgrade, especially if you are using this as a second bike for commuting and training, as you will feel the difference compared to your usual road bike. To that end, you'll also want to upgrade the wheelset too. But to get you out and rolling this is a great commuting bike option.

Adventure road and gravel bikes

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (28)

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Good for:Giving you the freedom to commute off-road

This can be an area that gives even the most experienced rider a headache trying to compare the best cyclocross bikes, with the best adventure bikes and gravel bikes as surely they are all designed with rugged riding at front of mind. They all have wide tyres, mud clearance and disc brakes to make them ideal as commuter bikes that might take you off the beaten path - into the local woods, even. But there are some subtle nuances.

'Cross bikes are fit for proper races in the mud - since cyclocross races are generally under an hour, the bikes don't tend to have bottle cages and never have eyelets for mudguards or pannier racks. This makes these far from ideal for all but the swiftest off-road commute; perhaps consider them as the off-road version of a single speed, but with more gears and rugged tyres.

Gravel and adventure bikes will be more up to the job. Gravel bikes point more in the direction of off-road, but are happy on the road, and adventure bikes do it the other way round, pointing towards paved routes (think bike lanes) and can be happy off road.

It's common to see people commuting on mountain bikes - and this makes sense if you're commuting on proper trails. However, if you're mainly on the road, the suspension and knobbly tyres are likely to slow you down through added weight and unnecessary bouncing.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (29)

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18. Sonder Camino AL Rival 1 gravel bike

Best commuting bike for off road overnight stays


Frame: Aluminium

Drivetrain: SRAM Rival 1, 11-speed

Ratios: 40t, 11-42t

Wheels: Sonder Nova 700c

Tires: WTB Resolute Comp 42mm

Brakes: SRAM Rival hydraulic

Weight: Not given

Reasons to buy


Built for anything you can throw at it


A fair price point for the build


Supreme comfort when tackling most terrain


Really practical with lots of mounting points

Reasons to avoid


Extreme flared bars not to everyone's taste


Big jumps in cassette will take getting used to.

We loved this Sonder Camino gravel bike so much that it earned a place in our Editor's Choice Awards. It offers an extremely comfortable ride and it's fast enough on the road whilst being able to tackle trails as well.

This aluminium frame comes with a SRAM Rival groupset, featuring 1x gearing which takes out the hassle of maintaining a front mech whilst offering plenty of gearing choice via an 11-42 cassette, although there are some big jumps to be had which do take some getting used to.

The parent company of Sonder, Alpkit, has a strong remit in all things bikepacking, so there are no surprises here that the bike has oodles of mounting options for fenders/ mudguards and racks or bags meaning that you can go straight from office to an adventure, or perhaps more realistically, head to a mate's for an overnight stay with all you'll need for the mini-trip.

The tyres are wide WTB Resolute in 42c, which on test we found offered a great balance of grip off-road and low rolling resistance on it. The extreme flare to the bar has been diligently designed by the team behind the bike, and does offer stability in the drops, but it won't suit all riders.

It's worth noting that the Camino AL has been updated in recent times and is offered in a wide range of builds, with both SRAM and Shimano groupsets.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (30)

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19. Boardman ADV 9.0

Best commuter bike for fast mixed terrain


Frame: Carbon

Drivetrain: Shimano GRX 810/600 11-speed

Ratios: 46/30t, 11-32t

Wheels: Boardman ADV tubeless ready

Tires: Panaracer Gravel King SK, 38mm

Brakes: Shimano GRX hydraulic

Weight: 9.2kg

Reasons to buy


Great riding position


Simple and well thought-out finishing kit


Full carbon frameset

Reasons to avoid


Sluggish on the road


Original tyres too heavy/slow

The Boardman ADV 9.0 is designed to tackle rugged terrain whilst still feeling fast enough on the road and while we found it wasn't the fastest on the road, it was still a great bike and it earned a place in theCycling Weekly Editor's Choice awards.

We really rated the riding position, which was both comfortable and confidence inspiring, offering great control when off-road.

The Shimano Tiagra shifting and hydraulic disc brakes were a perfect blend of affordability, helping to keep the price tag fair, as well as impeccable in their shifting and stopping/ speed modulation.

The full carbon frameset is a first in this buying guide to the best commuting bikes. Previously we've only seen the Triban RC500 and Boardman SLR 8.6 coming up with carbon forks. In order to gain the most out of this however, you'll probably want to get a better wheelset and tyre combo, and then this bike would really shine.

There are practical features such as mounts in the right places, but we'd rather go with a backpack to the office, and then thrill seeking straight after work, or better still forget to stop at work altogether.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (31)

20. Cannondale CAADX 1

Best commuting bike for messing about on at the weekend


Frame: Aluminium, carbon fork

Drivetrain: Shimano GRX400 10-speed

Ratios: 46/30t, 11-36t

Wheels: Cannondale CX 2.0 Disc alloy

Tires: Schwalbe CX Comp, 35mm

Brakes: Shimano GRX hydraulic

Weight: Not given

Reasons to buy


Stable, comfortable ride


Comes with bottle bosses and rack mounts


Quality Shimano GRX gravel groupset

Reasons to avoid


Lowish gear ratios for road riding

The Cannondale road bike range is pretty large, but the venerable Cannondale CAADX is always on our list as one of our favourite gravel and cyclocross platforms. While it was initially designed as a cyclocross racer, over the years it's merged into an option for tackling long days on washboard gravel, or big commutes over a variety of surfaces, thanks to its super stable geometry.

The CAADX 1 is built up with a Shimano GRX 400, 10-speed drivetrain which features hydraulic disc brakes and a clutched rear derailleur to prevent the chain from bouncing off the chainrings, which as with the Diamondback Haanjo 7C Carbon, is a great spec to find. The GRX brake levers also have a rubberized coating to enhance grip with the rain begins to fall.

Unlike many similar CX bikes, the CAADX 1 has bosses for two water bottles, a rear rack and a removable chainstay bridge to allow for full coverage fenders, making this a great option for weekday plugging, and weekend mucking around.

Which commuter bike is best?

And what features do I need to look for in a commuter bike?

This is all depending on your journey, so your requirements will vary depending upon the routes you're using, terrain, and the amount of luggage you're thinking of carrying.

However, popular considerations worth bearing in mind are:

  • Hub gears: Most bikes these days use derailleur gears, which means an external derailleur pushes the chain between cogs on the cassette and chainrings. A hub gear keeps the cogs inside the hub - which means they're not exposed to grime and dirt, cutting down on maintenance.
  • Chainguard: These tend to feature on Dutch bikes, and are good if you plan to ride in your street clothes on a regular basis.
  • Disc brakes: Not essential, but disc brakes offer faster stopping - especially in the wet so if you plan on commuting in traffic, regardless of weather, they're useful.
  • Mudguards and fenders: No one wants to arrive at work with a wet bum - and mudguards will deflect the spray as you go. They also stop grit getting into the mechanism of your bike, too.
  • Wide tyres: Road bikes traditionally come with 23mm tyres, though 25mm rubber is more popular these days. These will feel speedy, but wider tyres are more comfortable and provide a greater contact patch with the ground, creating greater stability.
  • Pannier racks: A lot of commuters prefer to go with a backpack, but if you want to carry quite a load, panniers will take the weight off your back - but you can't use them without a rack, so eyelets to fit one will be important.
  • Gears: If your journey involves some hills, then you'll want a greater number of gears so that you can spin up them with a lower level of resistance. A compact (50/34) crankset and wider ratio cassette (11-28 or 11-32) are components to look for. If you've got fewer hills, then a bike with fewer gears should be fine, and may require less maintenance.

We've gone into a lot more detail under each style of commuter bike above to help you navigate to your ideal commuter bike.

Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis (2024)


Best commuter bikes for practical cycling on a daily basis? ›

If riding at an easy intensity, you can get from your front door to the office in less than 30 mins each way then I would say just crack on and start commuting to and from work. You will get an extra ~5hrs of training a week but as that is broken up into smaller chunks you should be fine.

What bike should I get for everyday use? ›

What Type of Bike Should I Get?
Riding SurfacesBike Types
Paved roads and bike pathsRoad bikes, hybrid bikes and electric bikes
Pavement (from pristine to potholed) and natural surfacesHybrid bikes and electric bikes
All-road riding (from asphalt to outback)Gravel and touring bikes
1 more row

Is a 30 minute bike commute too long? ›

If riding at an easy intensity, you can get from your front door to the office in less than 30 mins each way then I would say just crack on and start commuting to and from work. You will get an extra ~5hrs of training a week but as that is broken up into smaller chunks you should be fine.

Is it okay to do cycling everyday? ›

However, with cycling, you can ride every day without putting undue stress on your joints. Cycling is a low-impact exercise, making it gentle on your knees, ankles, and hips. This means that even if you're new to it, you can build up your riding time gradually.

What happens if you bike everyday for 30 minutes? ›

Improved cardiovascular health

Enhanced blood circulation and improved oxygen supply to your muscles. This significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. In just 30 minutes, you can contribute to maintaining a healthy heart.

What is the top 1 bike in the world? ›

  1. BMW S 1000 RR. The BMW S 1000 RR is easily one of the best looking high speed bikes in the world right now. ...
  2. Kawasaki Ninja H2. ...
  3. Ducati Panigale V4. ...
  4. Suzuki Hayabusa. ...
  5. Aprilia RSV4. ...
  6. Honda CBR1000RR-R. ...
  7. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. ...
  8. Ducati Diavel 1260.

Can you use a road bike for everyday use? ›

Many road bikes are designed with flat handlebars instead of drop bars and this makes them ideal for commuting. Flat bars allow you to adopt a more upright riding position and give you better visibility in traffic and simpler control, making them ideal for urban commuting.

Is it better to walk or bike for 30 minutes? ›

Cycling is better than walking for 30 minutes if you want to burn more calories, work your muscles better, and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

What bike material is best for commuting? ›

What's the best bike frame material for commuting? A metal frame makes the most sense for a commuting bike as it's more likely to get knocked around, especially if you're locking it up in public or in a shared area.

What is the difference between a cruiser bike and a commuter bike? ›

Although commuter bikes are not necessarily known for their speed, they will be faster than cruisers. Cruisers have a much larger frame than other types of bikes, making them famously challenging to ride uphill. Often made of steel, this allows for an extremely durable design.

What is considered a commuter bike? ›

Commuter bikes tend to come with components that are ideal for the city environment. They are made to be compatible with panniers, fenders, front racks, and other built-ins. There are some commuter bikes that have a rear rack for the transport of bags and other items.

How long should a commuter bike last? ›

Aluminum Road Bike Frame Life

It takes about 5 to 10 years. The frame can crack in less than a few years if you neglect regular maintenance. Riders who are mistaken believe that if a road bike's frame is made of aluminum, it must be solid, so it's easy to assume that regular maintenance isn't necessary.

What is a reasonable bike commute? ›

Selecting an optimal daily cycling distance requires balancing physical activity benefits and daily commitments. Five to ten miles each way is often proven feasible and beneficial when commuting or exercising. This range is considered optimal for several reasons.

Are commuter bikes good for long distance? ›

While commuter bikes are designed with comfort in mind, they do not have long distance comfort in mind. In particular, a commuter/comfort bike with a wider saddle may prove to cause more chafing on a long ride like this than a narrower and seemingly less comfortable road saddle.

Can you lose weight by riding a bike everyday? ›

When it comes to cycling for weight loss, you can use the calories burned through this exercise to create your deficit. An hour of cycling could see you burn up to 500 calories, so if you don't change your eating habits and cycle for an hour a day, you could burn up to 1lb per week.

Is a road bike better than a mountain bike for exercise? ›

To conclude, mountain bikes are best for endurance and muscle building, and a road bike offers a better overall body workout, especially on cardio boost. As for road bike vs mountain bike for weight loss, both bikes will help you build muscle and burn calories.

What type of bike is best for beginners? ›

Urban terrain bikes are a good choice for many beginners, but mountain bikes can work too.

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