Companies That Give Free Money On Sign Up (2024)

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I used to think that there was no such thing as getting money free. Every opportunity would lead to a scam or a dead end. But much to my surprise, some companies give free money with minimal effort required on your behalf.


Here are 19 companies that give free money on signing up below!

Key Takeaways

  • Earn free money on sign-up from stockbrokers, including Acorns, Publics, Cash App, and WeBull.
  • Rewards sites will entice you to join their site by offering free money as a sign-up bonus. These sites include InboxDollars, Drop, Piñata, RebatesMe, MyPoints, TopCashBack, Ibotta, and Rakuten.
  • Share your opinion and earn free money by sign-up to survey companies like Swagbucks, Opinion Inn, and Pointclub.
  • Get free cash backs, gift cards, and free money on sign-up from companies like BeFrugal.
  • Join MobileXpression, a market research app, to earn free money after signing up.
  • Get free cash by signing up with Netspend, a company offering an alternative to checking account credit cards, debit cards, and cash.
  • Raise is a gift-card reseller who happily gives new members free sign-up bonuses.

Companies That Give Away Free Money On Sign-up

Companies give away money as a sign-up bonus to reach new customers. It’s simply a different advertising route, like Facebook or Instagram ads, television commercials, or billboards.

Instead of paying a middleman, they pay you directly.

It’s a winning offer for both parties. So, sign up with these companies for a little extra cash.


1. Acorns

Acorns is a fintech company or micro-investing platform that allows users, especially young adults, to set aside money using the “round up” approach.

With Acorns, you can automatically round up debit or credit card purchases to the nearest dollar, and they invest the change on your behalf.

Acorns has partnered with Investing Simple, allowing you to get a $10 sign-up bonus.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $10
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: An investment of $5 is required

Keep in mind that Acorns will charge a $3 monthly fee when you use their platform.

2. Publics

Publics is an investing social platform that allows users to purchase fractional shares or whole shares.

Sign up with Publics to get $10 free. You do not have to pay to open an account, minimum investment, or maintenance fees.


  • Sign Up Bonus: $10
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

3. Cash App

The Cash App is a simplistic way to send, spend, and invest your hard-earned money.

It is a payment wallet that gives away $5 when you sign up using their promotion code GGSNPTR. However, you’ll need to complete a $5 or more transaction to qualify within the first two weeks.

Transfer $5 to a friend using the Cash App or purchase something to complete the transaction and score $5.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $5, but you need to complete a $5 transaction within two weeks to qualify for the bonus
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

4. Webull

Webull is a commission-free electronic trading platform that offers free trades and stock when you sign up for the first time.

You can receive two free stocks between $3 and $300 when you open an account. And if you make an initial payment, you will receive three stocks worth between $7 and $3000.

  • Sign Up Bonus: Free stock valued between $3 and $300 that you can sell once it settles in your account
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

5. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a free platform with online surveys and rewards. They will pay you cash to complete random online tasks, including reading emails, playing games, watching polls, etc.

You’ll earn a$5 opening bonus as soon as you create an account. Once your InboxDollars account is active, you can access the full range of discount and income opportunities.


Note that you’ll only be able to request a payment once you reach $30, and payments can take up to three weeks for non-Gold members to arrive in the mail.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $5
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

6. Drop

Drop is a site that rewards you when you purchase products from your favorite retailers through their platform.

Every time you shop using their app, you will earn points that you can convert and redeem through gift cards and other great rewards. Even better, the number of points is unlimited the more you shop, the more you’ll earn!

New users can sign up for the Drop app and receive 5000 points, equivalent to $5, after linking their card. You can also share an invite code with friends and family. When they join and validate their info, you both get $5.

  • Sign Up Bonus: 5000 points worth $5
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

7. Piñata

Piñata is the world’s first free rent rewards platform.

Piñata turns rent days into reward days, celebrating the payment with Piñata Cash and gift cards that you can spend at local businesses.

You’ll score a $30 gift card when you sign up with Piñata. Simply sign up, then link your bank account to the Piñata app so they can confirm the rent payments.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $30 gift card to spend at local businesses
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

8. RebatesMe

RebatesMe is a legitimate cashback rewards platform that offers hit-or-miss discount rates up to 40%. More so, it is among the best cashback sites that offer cash back, discounts, and deals, partnering with over 3,000 stores.

RebatesMe gives newcomers a $35 bonus when you sign up using their promotion code S7G98N.


  • Sign Up Bonus: $35 (if you use the promotion code)
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

9. MyPoints

MyPoints is an online rewards program that rewards members with points for purchasing products from their favorite brands. Members can also earn points through surveys, watching videos, and printing and redeeming coupons.

You can join for free and earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 Visa Gift Card. And the more you shop using their platform, the more points you earn toward PayPal payouts or gift cards.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $10 (changes frequently)
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

10. TopCashBack

TopCashBack is an entirely free online cashback and coupon platform. You earn a percentage cashback when you purchase online products using their links.

You can find cashback rates from over 4,400 retailers, including airport parking, car rentals, hotel bookings, electronics, fashion, and home brands.

Sign up today and earn a $15 cashback bonus.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $15
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

11. Ibotta

Ibotta is an ideal app to get fantastic cashback offers on all the items you’d buy at the store anyways.

Given that you’ll be out buying groceries or going out for dinner anyways, you only win signing up and getting money back for doing zero extra work. It takes opening up the app, selecting and purchasing the item from the store, and uploading the receipt to the Ibotta app.

When you sign up at Ibotta, you earn afree $20 welcome bonus without a referral code.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $20
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

12. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback company that canhelp you find coupons and earn cashback rewards by shopping through its affiliate link.

You can join for free and get a $10 welcome bonus if you sign up on their platform. However, there’s a slight catch you’ll have to spend $25 before you can receive your reward.

Rakuten also has a Refer-A-Friend program, which will pay you an additional $30 for each qualified referral.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $10 after spending $25
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

13. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a free online reward program that gives its members cash back rewards for taking surveys. You can also shop through their shopping platforms to earn points that you can redeem for cash, PayPal, or gift cards.

Visit their sign-up page and complete the form to earn a $10 bonus. Remember to use your sign-up code for extra bonuses.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $10
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

14. Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn is an online company for those interesting in getting paid to simply share their opinions.

You will provide feedback on various products and services sent through email invitations. The incentives range between $0.50 to $100, depending on the research requirements.

Opinion Inn pays through PayPal.

Once you sign up, you’ll have to complete your profile to start receiving emails with surveys to complete. Alternatively, find surveys from their website on the “Your Survey” page.

You will receive $10 as a sign-up bonus.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $10
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

15. PointClub

PointClub is a website similar to other survey sites that allow its members to earn rewards by participating in online activities and answering surveys.

It’s completely free to register, and they offer a $5 sign-up bonus.

After joining, you’ll need to complete your profile which the company will use to determine which category of surveys you qualify for. Then, you can participate, collect points, and redeem them for cash.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $5
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

16. BeFrugal

BeFrugal is a free site that helps you stretch your hard-earned money by allowing you to earn cashback rewards when you purchase items through their website or mobile app. The site is partnered with over 5000 retailers and features exclusive printable coupons and daily deals.

BeFrugal offers payouts through checks, PayPal, Direct Deposits, and E-Gift Cards. But you’ll need to accumulate at least $25 to make a withdrawal.

BeFrugal rewards you with an automatic $10 when you sign up.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $10
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

17. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is a market research firm that aims to understand and keep track of how individuals use the internet, access websites, and use apps on their mobile devices.

Once you’ve signed up on their platform and downloaded the app, it gathers data about your internet and mobile usage.

After signing up for MobileXpression, you can receive points equivalent to a $5 gift card after just one week as a welcome bonus.

Note that you have to be an active member to collect the reward.In addition, you have to install the MobileXpression profile onto your device and set the certificate to full trust.

  • Sign Up Bonus: sufficient points valued at $5
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

18. Netspend

Netspend is a leading provider of feature-rich prepaid cards. The company lets you manage your money using alternative routes to checking account credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

You’ll have to provide your details, including your name and address, and then wait for Netspend to mail a personalized card operated by Mastercard and Visa.

Netspend will give you $20 if you sign up through a referral and once the card is activated. So while there aren’t any maintenance fees, there are tiny $1.50 per transaction fees.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $20 if you use a referral
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

19. Raise

Raise is a gift card reseller company that acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers to exchange gift cardsfor cash.

You can purchase gift cards at discounts up to 40% instead of their full retail price. If you like being extra frugal, you can save another 2% by using the TopCashBack platform before making your purchase.

If you are a brand-new user, you can sign-up and score $5 free in credit.

  • Sign Up Bonus: $5
  • Requires to Sign Up: Yes
  • Sign Up Fee: No

Here are three common questions about companies that give free money on sign-up.

Why Do Companies Give Free Money On Sign Up?

Many companies and services offer cash bonuses for new members signing up. It’s a direct form of advertising, hoping you’ll find their service valuable and choose to stay.

Do Survey Sites Try To Sell You Something?

Survey sites do not try to sell you products. Instead, sites like Swagbucks, Opinion Inn, and Pointclub pay you in exchange for opinions regarding specific products and services.

Is Acorns A Scam?

Acorns is a safe and legit financial services app that uses the best encryption methods and security measures to protect your data from being stolen.

Companies That Give Free Money On Sign Up (2024)


What app gives you money instantly for signing up? ›

Ibotta. Another popular sign up bonus instant withdraw app you can try is Ibotta, one of the leading cash back shopping apps. Ibotta is a free app that gives you up to 30% cashback and discounts for shopping at thousands of retailers.

How to get $20 sign up bonus? ›

One of the most popular $20 sign up bonus offers out there comes from Ibotta, a leading cash back rewards app. With Ibotta, you can earn real cash back for buying thousands of products, including groceries and everyday essentials. The app is very similar to apps like Fetch Rewards and Checkout 51.

Which app gives you free money? ›

Best money-making apps compared
TitleBest for
SwagbucksSurveys & gift cards
Survey JunkieOnline surveys
FreeCashPlaying games
BarkFinding customers
9 more rows
Jul 1, 2024

Which app gives real money instantly? ›

Solitaire Cash & Bubble Cash

If you're looking for gaming apps that pay real money instantly, Solitaire Cash and Bubble Cash are two exciting options. These apps let you win real cash prizes just for playing classic games like solitaire and bingo.

What app will give me $100 today? ›

Several apps instantly let you borrow $100 or more, including EarnIn, Brigit, Dave, and MoneyLion. However, most of these apps charge a small fee for immediate funding. If you want to access cash for free, you can use these apps, but you may have to wait one to three business days to get your cash.

What app will give me $200 instantly? ›

Best Cash Advance Apps of July 2024
Cash Advance AppLoan AmountsApp Store Rating
Dave See MoreUp to $500 per pay period4.8
Brigit See More$50 to $2504.8
Chime See More$20 to $2004.8
Current See More$25 to $2004.7
1 more row
Jun 29, 2024

What app sends money for free? ›

Zelle is our top pick for low fees and domestic bank-to-bank transfers because it allows you to send money instantly for no cost. Chances are, Zelle is already a feature in your banking app—more than 2,000 banks and credit unions use Zelle.

How to earn $500 per day from mobile? ›

How to Earn Rs 500 Per Day Without Investment?
  1. Refer and Earn Program. ...
  2. Participate in online contests. ...
  3. Freelancing. ...
  4. Affiliate Marketing. ...
  5. Blogging. ...
  6. Online Surveys. ...
  7. Participate in mega gaming tournaments. ...
  8. Rent Your Household Items.
Jun 27, 2024

How can I make $100 a day on my phone? ›

🚀 Digital Marketing Strategist | Online…
  1. How to Earn $100 a Day on Your Phone? ...
  2. Ways to Make $100 a Day on Your Phone. ...
  3. Sell Products Online. ...
  4. Do Freelance Gigs. ...
  5. Deliver Food. ...
  6. Complete Microtasks. ...
  7. Work as a Virtual Assistant. ...
  8. Provide Consulting/Coaching Services.
Jan 18, 2024

How can I get $100 real quick? ›

12 simple ways to make $100 fast
  1. Return unused items.
  2. Drive for Uber or Lyft.
  3. Sell your unused gift cards.
  4. Do food delivery.
  5. Rent out your parking space.
  6. Tutor.
  7. Sell your stuff online.
  8. Find freelance gigs online.
Jun 25, 2024

How can I make instant money ASAP? ›

25+ Ways to Make Quick Money in One Day
  1. Become a rideshare driver. ...
  2. Focus on freelancing. ...
  3. Sell unused gift cards. ...
  4. Carsharing or parking spot rentals. ...
  5. Send app referrals. ...
  6. Find unclaimed money. ...
  7. Deliver groceries or take out. ...
  8. Sell your clothes online.

What site pays you instantly? ›


One of the most popular, free apps that pays you instantly out there is Swagbucks, a leading rewards platform. I've used Swagbucks since college to earn free cash and gift cards. It's incredibly easy to use, and it's number one on this list because of the number of earning options it has.

What app pays you $10? ›

Swagbucks also pays you $10 if you sign up and spend at least $25 on an eligible online purchase under your “SwagUp” page. You get your bonus within 32 days of completing the purchase. From there, Swagbucks lets you redeem prizes like free gift cards and PayPal cash.

How can I get money instantly in my account? ›

In this scenario, you can apply for an instant personal loan from a financing company and the money will be disbursed to your bank account within an hour.

How to make $500 in an instant? ›

How can I make $500 fast?
  1. Deliver food and groceries with DoorDash or Instacart.
  2. Sell your unused stuff.
  3. Pick up a server job at a high-end restaurant.
  4. Pet sitting and walking.
  5. Check Craigslist for day labor gigs.
  6. Rent out extra space in your home.
  7. Rent out your vehicle.
  8. Get a cash bonus for opening a bank account.

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