Conan Exiles: 10 Key Blood Crystal Locations Guide ▸ Tech-Yea (2024)

During our most recent gaming session, we found ourselves navigating the shadowy depths of Conan Exiles’ Caverns of Darkness, where we unexpectedly came across a cache of Blood Crystals, one of the ten crucial locations outlined in the Blood Crystal Locations Guide.

These scarce resources can significantly boost your gameplay, equipping you with powerful crafting possibilities and magical upgrades. But, what other locations might these game-altering crystals be concealed?

Let’s journey through the remaining nine locations, each presenting its unique trials and hazards. Are you set to uncover the might of the Blood Crystals with us? Join our exploration on YouTube as we delve into golem locations and the impact of Blood Crystals in our latest series.

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Key Takeaways

Greetings fellow explorers, we’ve navigated perilous terrains and intimidating caves in our search for Blood Crystals. From the dark recesses of the Dregs to the forgotten city of Xel-ha, we’ve harvested these precious gems, proving once again that ‘fortune favors the brave.’

Armed with our newfound understanding and valuable treasures, we’re ready to craft powerful magic and continue our exciting journey in Conan Exiles.

Until our next adventure, have fun exploring!

Unveiling the Blood Crystal Importance

In the demanding realm of Conan Exiles, grasping the significance of Blood Crystals can notably improve your gaming experience and advancement. These radiant gems are more than just attractive trinkets; they’re a crucial resource that can augment your abilities and propel you deeper into the game. They’re key for crafting powerful items and spells, providing you an advantage against the severity of the Exiled Lands.

Blood Crystals hold value beyond their magical properties, now considered a significant currency since the latest update. You can also trade or sell these valuable gems for a high price. They’re a much-desired commodity in the game’s economy, making them an excellent method to accumulate wealth and bargaining power.

However, acquiring Blood Crystals isn’t a simple task. They’re elusive and often hidden in difficult-to-reach locations. A sorcerer’s spell is frequently required to identify active Blood Crystal Rock noses and Golems. But rest assured, we’re here to assist. Our guide points out specific locations to streamline your search and conserve valuable time, ensuring you can concentrate on refining your abilities and triumphing in the world of Conan Exiles.

Blood Crystal Location: The Dregs

Next, we shift our focus to the subsequent Blood Crystal location: The Dregs. This marsh-like labyrinth isn’t only the domain of the formidable Abysmal Remnant but also houses numerous Blood Crystals. For a guide on navigating this area and locating Blood Crystals, see our latest YouTube tutorial.

We’ll direct you on how to traverse its hazardous landscape, where to locate these valuable gems, and what to anticipate from the Dregs’ concealed trials.

Navigating Through The Dregs

As we traverse the perilous landscape of The Dregs, a dungeon located in the marshy expanse of the Exiled Lands in Conan Exiles, we’ll encounter the sought-after Blood Crystals, concealed within the hostile surroundings.

The Dregs is a maze of hazards, abounding with aggressive creatures and dangerous traps. Facing these challenges, we’ll seek out Blood Crystal Rock noses, our primary source for these precious resources.

Sneaking through the dimly lit corners, we’ll combat daunting enemies, each encounter proving our courage and rewarding us with Blood Crystals. To traverse effectively, we’ll employ our sorcerer spells or abilities, our clandestine tool in locating the concealed Blood Crystals.

Keep in mind, within The Dregs, each stride is a stride towards liberty, every crystal a signal in our journey.

Spotting Blood Crystal

After courageously navigating the perilous route through The Dregs, we’re now in a position to concentrate our efforts on identifying the elusive Blood Crystal Rock protrusions. These scarlet luminous crystals are vital for constructing formidable objects and spells, so keep your eyes alert. The Dregs is certainly a hazardous territory, so be ready for possible foes during your expedition. Bear in mind, the sorcerer spell can be your greatest companion in locating these sought-after jewels.

Here’s a practical chart to direct your mission:

LocationVisual CueTips
The DregsRadiating red crystalsEmploy sorcerer spell for detection
Stay vigilant for adversaries
Gather for constructing mighty objects, and perhaps you’ll get blood crystals in the process.
Exhibit courage, intelligence, and independence

Dregs’ Hidden Challenges

Venturing into the core of The Dregs, we encounter a series of concealed trials that protect the prized Blood Crystals. Each trial provides a distinct challenge of bravery, power, and intellect. This underground domain is a battlefield, its sinister passages teeming with threatening adversaries and complicated enigmas.

To extract the Blood Crystals from their secret locations, we’ll need to:

  1. Traverse the maze-like structure of The Dregs.
  2. Defeat the fearsome creatures that lurk within its bowels.
  3. Decipher the enigmatic riddles that obstruct our way.
  4. Prevail against the final adversaries, the guardians of the Blood Crystals.

These trials aren’t for the weak-hearted. However, for those who yearn for liberation and might, the rewards are worth the ordeals. The Blood Crystals are indispensable, providing a route to creating powerful artifacts and incantations. The Dregs await, adventurers.

Tillermans Watch

To find Blood Crystals at Tillermans Watch in Conan Exiles, you need to search the area for them. Tillermans Watch is one of the essential places to acquire these valuable resources.

When exploring the area, be prepared for potential hostile encounters such as Blood Crystal Golems and Rocknoses. These encounters can provide valuable blood crystals and golem parts. Consider defeating these enemies and gathering their Blood Crystals for resource farming and Golem Shaping.

These crystals can help increase the power and abilities of your golems. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly explore Tillermans Watch, battle the foes, and collect these precious Blood Crystals to maximize the potential of your golems in Conan Exiles.

Xchotl West

Venture into Xchotl West on the Isle of Siptah and uncover valuable Blood Crystals to take your golem shaping abilities to the next level. Here’s what you need to know to maximize your chances of success:

Exploration Tips:

  1. Xchotl West is located on the Isle of Siptah, an island introduced with the Age of Sorcery expansion.
  2. The area is known for its abundance of resources, including Blood Crystals.
  3. Cast the Detect Resources spell to locate Blood Crystal Rocknose and Golems in Xchotl West.

Farming Strategies:

  1. Equip the Arcane Staff and use Detect Resources to reveal Blood Crystal mining deposits.
  2. Use a top-notch harvesting tool, such as a Pick, to strike the deposit and mine the crystals.
  3. The amount of crystals you get will depend on the power of your harvesting tool.

Enemy Encounters:

  1. Be prepared to battle Blood Crystal Rocknose and Golems in Xchotl West.
  2. Defeat these foes to obtain Blood Crystals.

Crafting Recipes:

  1. Blood Crystals are used in Golem Shaping, a feature added in the Age of Sorcery expansion.
  2. They can upgrade the power and abilities of your golems.

Resource Availability in Age of Sorcery Chapter 3:

  1. Xchotl West is one of the spots on the Isle of Siptah where you can find Blood Crystals.
  2. Keep in mind that the availability of Blood Crystals may not be guaranteed, so thoroughly investigate the area.

Grave of the Leviathan

The Grave of the Leviathan on the Isle of Siptah in Conan Exiles is a treacherous area filled with Blood Crystal enemies, including the formidable blood crystal golem, and valuable Blood Crystals. To navigate this area successfully and gain the rewards it contains, it’s important to have effective strategies for defeating enemies and gathering Blood Crystals.

When facing enemies in the Grave of the Leviathan, crowd control abilities and high damage output are recommended to quickly dispatch them. Focus on taking out one enemy at a time and be aware of your surroundings to avoid being overwhelmed, a strategy that is vital when hunting for blood crystals in dangerous territories. Gamer Guides® advises prioritizing blood crystal golems for their valuable drops.

When exploring Tillerman’s Watch, be sure to watch out for traps such as pressure plates and tripwires. Carefully interacting with these traps is the key to disarming them. Moving slowly and cautiously through this area is the best way to avoid triggering any traps that could be dangerous.

When gathering Blood Crystals in Xchotl West, it’s important to explore carefully. Look out for hostile creatures and plan your routes accordingly. Have healing items on hand and use stealth to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

In Xchotl East, it’s best to equip yourself with high-tier gear and employ tactical strategies. Utilize weapons with high damage output and consider bringing a shield for added protection. Dodge and block to minimize damage taken.

Finally, the Harbor of the Twice Drowned is filled with challenging enemies and rewarding loot. Make sure you’re prepared with powerful weapons and armor before venturing into this area. Be cautious and strategic in your approach, using the environment and golem parts to gain the upper hand in battles. To see firsthand strategies and tips, consider watching tutorials on YouTube about locations in Conan Exiles where you can use the terrain to your advantage.

With these tips and strategies, you can bravely navigate the Grave of the Leviathan and gather valuable Blood Crystals in Conan Exiles.

Xchotl East

Venture into the wilds of Xchotl East in Conan Exiles and uncover a bounty of Blood Crystals. This treacherous region poses many dangers, so arm yourself with appropriate weapons and armor and be prepared for tough enemy encounters.

Here are some helpful tips to help you explore this region and gather these valuable resources:

Exploration Tips:

  1. Mind the environmental hazards like traps and falling rocks.
  2. Utilize map markers to make navigating easier.
  3. Cast the Detect Resources spell to locate Blood Crystals.
  4. Remain alert and watchful of your surroundings.

Gathering Strategies:

  1. Use a high-quality pickaxe to maximize Blood Crystal yield.
  2. Strike mining deposits with your harvesting tool to collect the crystals, and possibly encounter a Blood Crystal Rocknose from which you can harvest them for Blood Crystals.
  3. Defeat Blood Crystal Golems and Blood Crystal Rocknoses to harvest their corpses.

With the Blood Crystals you collect, you can craft powerful weapons and armor and upgrade your golems. For a comprehensive guide on crafting with Blood Crystals, see our tutorial series on YouTube. So venture into Xchotl East and take advantage of the vast resources hidden within, including key locations for Blood Crystals as shown in our in-depth YouTube guide.

Good luck and happy exploring!

Harbor of the Twice-Drowned

To continue your adventure in Conan Exiles and uncover Blood Crystals, brave the treacherous Harbor of the Twice-Drowned. Filled with hidden secrets and daunting challenges, this perilous location in Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 holds a bounty of treasure and Blood Crystals just waiting to be discovered. To help you on your way, here are some tips for navigating and conquering the challenges of the Harbor of the Twice-Drowned:

Strategies for Exploring the Harbor of the Twice-Drowned
– Be alert for the dangerous creatures that inhabit the harbor, such as the Blood Crystal Golems and Rocknoses.
– Search sunken ships and explore underwater caves to find hidden loot and Blood Crystal deposits.
– Mind the traps and obstacles that can impede your progress. Exercise caution and be prepared.

Finding the hidden riches of the Harbor of the Twice-Drowned requires keen eyes and careful exploration. Look out for secret passages and concealed chambers that may contain precious resources and Blood Crystals. Utilize the Detect Resources spell to help you locate these invaluable crystals. With the right strategies and a bold spirit, you can overcome the challenges of the Harbor of the Twice-Drowned and emerge triumphant with a wealth of Blood Crystals. Best of luck!

Lava Pit

Situated near Tillermans Watch on the Isle of Siptah, the Lava Pit is a perilous location where adventurers can uncover valuable Blood Crystals. To navigate and thrive in this dangerous area, here are some key details to help you prepare:

Exploring the Lava Pit:
Gathering essential supplies and gear is a must before venturing into this challenging location. It’s also wise to make a stop at Tillermans Watch to stock up on provisions and prepare for the journey.

Challenges of Xchotl West:
On the way to the Lava Pit, you may encounter the treacherous region of Xchotl West. This region is filled with dangerous creatures and hazardous terrain, so it’s advisable to be prepared for any unexpected surprises.

Unveiling the Grave of the Leviathan:
As you delve deeper into the Lava Pit, you may come across the Grave of the Leviathan. This eerie location holds secrets and potential rewards for those who’ve the courage to explore it.

Secrets of Xchotl East:
Beyond the Lava Pit lies the mysterious region of Xchotl East. Here, you can uncover hidden treasures and ancient knowledge as you traverse this enigmatic area, including Blood Crystal golem locations, now documented in our latest series on YouTube.

When exploring the Lava Pit, it’s important to proceed with caution and be prepared for any challenges you may encounter, including finding and harvesting Blood Crystals, as detailed in our latest gaming video. With the right preparation and determination, you can successfully gather Blood Crystals and unlock their potential in Conan Exiles!

The Fractured Citadel

The entrance to The Fractured Citadel in Conan Exiles is imbued with mystery and hidden within the perilous depths of the Isle of Siptah. As you make your way through the citadel, you’ll uncover its secrets and come face to face with its stories and lore.

To master the Fractured Citadel, it’s essential to utilize tactics and strategies to achieve success. Players can utilize the citadel for their own gain, whether it’s to farm Blood Crystals or unlock its full potential in Golem Shaping.

The Fractured Citadel is an exciting and rewarding experience, offering bountiful resources and opportunities to enhance one’s gameplay.

Before embarking on this journey, it’s essential to equip yourself with the proper tips and tricks. Read on to learn more about the intriguing and mysterious Fractured Citadel and how to make the most of the experience, including tips for blood crystal farming.

The Fractured Citadel offers a unique and ever-changing landscape, allowing players to explore every nook and cranny. From ancient structures to hidden passageways, the citadel is a veritable treasure trove of secrets. To maximize one’s experience, it’s important to investigate every opportunity and take advantage of its various resources. Investigate the citadel’s history and uncover its hidden gems to unlock its full potential.

Players of all levels will find something to enjoy within the Fractured Citadel. From beginners to experts, the citadel offers something for everyone, including the chance to hunt for blood crystals. With its abundant resources, players will be able to expand their knowledge and become more proficient in their skills.

Prepare yourself for an incredible and thrilling adventure in the Fractured Citadel. With its endless possibilities and secrets, Age of Sorcery Chapter 3’s journey will be sure to captivate. With the right tips and tricks, you can unlock the full potential of the Fractured Citadel and make the most out of your experience.

Discovering Blood Crystals in New Asagarth

Journeying through the magical world of New Asagarth in Conan Exiles, we’re on a mission to pinpoint the hidden locations of the sought-after Blood Crystals. This spellbinding land is renowned for its profusion of Blood Crystal Rock noses and Golems- both crucial on our pursuit.

As we plunge deeper, we encounter these beings, each a potential link to blood crystal farming opportunities. Battling and overcoming Golems not only challenges our strength but also provides valuable Blood Crystals. However, there’s an alternate method to gather these jewels. We can employ the might of magic to spot and gather Blood Crystals.

Broadening our understanding of New Asagarth is crucial for improving our mystical skills. Here’s a brief guide to assist you in navigating:

Overcoming Golems and collecting golem partsBlood Crystals
Wizard SpellBlood Crystals
Touring New AsagarthImproved Magical Abilities

Accept the liberty of touring and the excitement of combat, and you’ll soon find yourself wealthy in Blood Crystals, prepared to face any future obstacles in the enchanting universe of Conan Exiles. Just bear in mind, the journey is as fulfilling as the destination.

Sepermeru: City of the Relic Hunters

Conan Exiles: 10 Key Blood Crystal Locations Guide ▸ Tech-Yea (1)

Let’s focus on Sepermeru, known as the City of the Relic Hunters, a lively center buzzing with activity in Conan Exiles.

We’ll delve into the rich traditions of the Relic Hunters and survey the city’s incredible architecture and design.

It’s a location where you’ll encounter much more than just Blood Crystals; it’s a journey, an adventure poised to happen.

Relic Hunters’ Culture

At the center of Sepermeru, the City of the Relic Hunters, in Age of Sorcery Chapter 3, exists a vibrant culture forged from the relentless pursuit of ancient artifacts and valuable relics. This flourishing society, enriched by the excitement of finding new items and the allure of the unknown, is unique in the Exiled Lands.

  1. Expertise: The Relic Hunters are famed for their proficiency in uncovering valuable objects.
  2. Trade: Players can negotiate with the Relic Hunters, acquiring rare items by trading their valuables.
  3. Alliance: Those in search of companionship have the option to join these adventurous ranks.
  4. Culture: Their daily life, rituals, and traditions are deeply influenced by their ongoing quest.

Interact with them, comprehend their customs, and perhaps even become a part of this intriguing culture.

Exploring Sepermeru City

After familiarizing ourselves with the rich heritage of the Relic Hunters, we turn our attention to the epicenter of their civilization – Sepermeru City, a lively center of adventure and learning in Conan Exiles. Located in the eastern quadrant of the map, close to the river and the mysterious Unnamed City, Sepermeru City brims with activity, from NPCs to traders, presenting a multitude of quests and opportunities for blood crystal farming.

As we traverse its lively lanes, we’ll come across valuable items, materials, and thralls that can support our expedition in the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3, including the sought-after blood crystal farm. Interacting with its dynamic citizens presents opportunities for intriguing interactions and trade possibilities. We’ve the liberty to investigate and chart our own course through the core of Relic Hunter territory, where the first to discover new sites may also be the first to claim blood crystals.

Adventure calls in Sepermeru City.

The Unnamed City: A Crystal Trove

Overflowing with risks and potential, our preferred location for gathering Blood Crystals in Conan Exiles is the Unnamed City, where you can show you Blood Crystal Rocknose and Blood. This city is filled with formidable foes protecting these valuable assets, but the rewards justify the hazards.

Below are the top four sites which are particularly rich in Blood Crystals:

  1. The Sunken City: A Blood Crystal Farm Guide: This submerged metropolis redefines ‘concealed riches.’ Plunge deep and you’ll encounter Blood Crystals amidst the wreckage.
  2. The Archives: A repository bursting with age-old wisdom and, of course, Blood Crystals.
  3. The Black Keep: Traverse this impressive stronghold for a possibility to grab some crystals.
  4. The Dregs: This maze isn’t for those lacking courage, but the Blood Crystals located here are a loot hunter’s delight.

Journey to the Volcano

Conan Exiles: 10 Key Blood Crystal Locations Guide ▸ Tech-Yea (2)

Let’s boldly journey into the blazing core of Conan Exiles, the Volcano, an area filled with high-level adversaries and strong environmental hazards, but also abundant in sought-after Blood Crystals. These valuable gems are located near the lava flows, sharply contrasting the burning red magma. But don’t be beguiled by the hypnotizing view; this is no leisurely stroll. The route to the crystals is laced with Golems, formidable enemies you’ll need to overcome to secure your reward.

We’ve learned a useful tactic; the sorcerer spell can act as your guide, indicating the positions of the Blood Crystal Rock protrusions. Focus on these spots, and you’ll locate your prize. But proceed with caution, the Volcano is relentless. One misstep, and you’ll endure severe lava damage, a risk that many are willing to take in the hunt for blood crystals.

The expedition to the Volcano may be dangerous, but for the courageous and the daring, it’s a gamble worth taking. The excitement of the chase, the gratification of triumph, and the prize of Blood Crystals are more than enough recompense for the risk. Bear in mind, in Conan Exiles, bravery is rewarded. So, let’s equip ourselves and step into the blazing core of the Volcano.

Blood Crystals in the Jungle Biome

Venturing into the lush, dense Jungle Biome, we stumble upon another cache of sought-after Blood Crystals, brilliantly concealed among the vibrant vegetation and protected by formidable Golems. As we journey deeper into the terrain, we comprehend the necessity for a sharp eye and tactical approaches.

Here’s a helpful numeric list to guide you in your exploration to find Blood Crystals in Conan Exiles:

  1. Riverbanks and dense foliage: Initiate your search near these regions. The crystals often hide close to the water or under a dense cover of leaves.
  2. Blood Crystal Rock noses: Camouflaged among the vibrant vegetation, these formations are a clear indication of Blood Crystals.
  3. Strategic combat against Golems: Engage these protectors with caution. Their defeat could result in a wealth of Blood Crystals, a new resource introduced in the Sorcery Chapter 3 update of Conan Exiles.
  4. Use the sorcerer spell: Essential for locating Blood Crystals, the spell illuminates even the most hidden gems in the dense jungle.

The Black Keep’s Hidden Crystals

Conan Exiles: 10 Key Blood Crystal Locations Guide ▸ Tech-Yea (3)

Enveloped in enigma and risk, The Black Keep in Conan Exiles conceals a stockpile of unseen Blood Crystals, awaiting detection by the bold explorer. These valuable gemstones, buried deep within the fortress, serve as a significant resource for crafting and improving abilities. Yet, a word of caution, the path to these concealed riches, where you can find Blood Crystals in Conan Exiles, is filled with danger.

Don’t let the deteriorating stone walls and humid passageways deceive you, The Black Keep is safeguarded by traps and formidable adversaries. It’s a place that will challenge your bravery and intelligence at every corner. Nevertheless, there’s a method to swing the odds in your favor. Using a sorcerer spell can assist in identifying the faint glow of Blood Crystal Rock formations and the imposing existence of Golems.

Confronting these Golems, especially the formidable Blood Crystal Golem, is a daunting challenge, but it’s a gamble worth taking to harvest them for Blood Crystals. They fiercely guard the elusive Blood Crystals. Overcoming them will provide access to the sparkling riches they shield. So equip yourselves, ready your spells, and venture into the core of The Black Keep. The opportunity to command unimaginable power is just a crystal away.

Blood Crystal Mining: The Sinkhole

Often underestimated, The Sinkhole in Conan Exiles is a rich deposit for Blood Crystal gathering, possessing plenty of these valuable gemstones. It’s a key location for gamers following guides on blood crystal farming. Not only does it impress with the sheer volume, but also the diverse origins from which these crystalline jewels can be acquired.

The Sinkhole, although filled with hazards, provides the excitement of liberty and the appeal of the unexplored. The perils of the surroundings and its dwelling creatures add to the thrill of the pursuit. Maneuvering your way around this demanding landscape is an adventure on its own, making the eventual finding of Blood Crystals increasingly gratifying.

The secret to effective Blood Crystal extraction in The Sinkhole lies in the subsequent procedures:

  1. Identifying the Blood Crystal Rock noses for a certain discovery.
  2. Fighting and defeating Golems, who relinquish these crystals upon their fall.
  3. Utilizing sorcerer spells for simpler detection of crystal whereabouts.
  4. Proceeding cautiously to evade the area’s dangerous creatures.

Mastering these suggestions ensures a bountiful collection of Blood Crystals from The Sinkhole. It’s time we accept the challenges and unpredictability, exploiting this rich deposit to its maximum capacity.

Exploring the Forgotten City of Xel-ha

Conan Exiles: 10 Key Blood Crystal Locations Guide ▸ Tech-Yea (4)

In the captivating universe of Conan Exiles, we stumble upon the Forgotten City of Xel-ha, an age-old site shrouded in enigma and teeming with secret rooms, ancient relics, and valuable materials like Blood Crystals. As we probe deeper, the enticing enigma of Xel-ha unravels, with its ruins posing singular challenges that only the most audacious dare to confront.

Apart from the excitement of adventure, Xel-ha amply rewards those daring enough to unearth its mysteries. The city is a cache of riches, and as we traverse its complexities, we find ourselves increasingly enmeshed in the vivid narrative of its history. Secret rooms house ancient relics, a tribute to the city’s long-lost civilization. The Blood Crystals we find aren’t just valuable materials but fragments of history waiting to be deciphered.

The city’s story unfolds before us, with hints and riddles amplifying our journey through its depths. We’re not just adventuring; we’re assembling a narrative lost in time. Xel-ha, in its quietness, communicates volumes of its history, coaxing us to unearth the mysteries it safeguards. This adventure isn’t just a trip, but a testament to our hunger for liberty, learning, and the thrill of the uncharted.


Ah, fellow journeyers, we’ve traversed dangerous landscapes and fearsome caverns in our pursuit for Blood Crystals. From the shadowy Dregs to the lost city of Xel-ha, we’ve extracted these valuable stones, validating the adage ‘fortune favors the brave.’

With our recently gained knowledge and precious loot, we’re equipped to forge potent sorcery and persist our thrilling quest in Conan Exiles.

Until our next expedition, enjoy your search!

Until our next expedition, enjoy your search!

Conan Exiles: 10 Key Blood Crystal Locations Guide ▸ Tech-Yea (2024)
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