Where To Find Blood Crystals In Conan Exiles (2024)

Blood Crystals are a new resource used in Golem Shaping. Here's how to find it in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery Chapter 3.

Blood Crystals are the latest resource to be added to Conan Exiles Chapter 3 that players can mine while exploring the Exiled Lands. According to the game's lore, the crystal formed after the Giant Kings had fallen, with their Ancient Blood flowing into the earth and beginning its crystallization before it was discovered.

So it's natural that you might want to know how to find Blood Crystals in Conan Exiles. To locate this item, you must locate the sorcerer Mek-kamoses in the Exiled Lands during a certain quest, after which they can be used in various applications. This guide will detail all Blood Crystals locations in Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery Chapter 3, including how to use them.

5th May 2023 Update: We've updated this guide to reflect the possible locations to farm Blood Crystals on The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah in Conan Exiles' Age of Sorcery Chapter 3. The original article continues below.

How To Find The Blood Crystals In Conan Exiles

Blood Crystals are a new resource in the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update, tied to the update’s expanded story. As the sorcerer Mek-kamoses continues his quest for absolute power, you can encounter him at Mek-kamoses’ Spire, where he tasks you with seeking this valuable resource.

As players pass through Mek-kamoses’ Spire to bring Mek-kamoses various items in exchange for rewards, you’ll likely have to bring Blood Crystals to Mek-kamoses. As for where you can find Blood Crystals, according to the recent Developer Livestream, they’re not quite readily found in The Exiled Lands, as the locations are where the Blood Crystal Rocknose and Golems spawn.

However, it’s worth mentioning that these spawn locations won’t guarantee that you can find them, according to the developers. Once defeated, it will take some time before they respawn, so we’ve highlighted the best spots using the Interactive Map to farm this resource in The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah:

All The Exiled Lands Blood Crystal Rocknose Locations:

  • Blood Crystal Rocknose Locations:
    • Barrow King (A11): A rocknose can be encountered at the entrance to this cave
    • Circle of Swords (C10): A rocknose may spawn right by the Circle of Swords amphitheater
    • The Dregs (D4): Head to The Dregs dungeon, and beyond the Obelisk is a Blood Crystal Rocknose
    • The Unnamed City (D5): Walk to the wall south from The Unnamed City to spot a Rocknose near a large pillar
    • New Asagarth (E/F10): North from New Asagarth, a Rocknose can be seen slightly sandwiched between the rock formations surrounding the area
    • The Den (E8): Located beside a rock pillar en route to The Den campsite
    • Shaman’s Rise (F4): A Rocknose can be seen grazing the area by Shaman’s Rise
    • The Slave Road (F6): Another Rocknose can be found outside The Slave Road Cave
    • Ruins of Al-Merayah (H7): Right beside the Dogs of the Desert NPC camp is where you can find a Rocknose
    • Bonebreaker’s Bend (I5): Locate this Dafari cannibal campsite to find the Rocknose overlooking the lake
    • Deathwhisper Ruins (I6): Follow the mountain ridge nearby, where you can spot the Rocknose by the entrance to the ruins
    • Spotter’s Squat (J6): Find the Black Hand NPC camp, as the Rocknose is found here
    • Sandswept Ruins (K4): A little further out from the entrance to this ruin is where you can see the Rocknose roaming the area
    • Eastern Barracks (L7): Gaurding the entrance to these ruins is how you can encounter the next Rocknose
    • Talier’s Berth (M8): Find this Black hand campsite and locate a large tree to find the Rocknose nearby
    • Animal Trainer Campsite (N8): Although this location isn’t found on the map, you’ll need to find the mountain ridge along the coast and on a cliff is where this Rocknose could be found
    • Palace of the Witch Queen (O6): At the entrance to this dungeon, to the left of the waterfall, is the Rocknose
  • Blood Crystal Golem Locations:
    • The Unnamed City (C/D6): A Blood Crystal Golem is believed to be patrolling the area nearby The Spawning Pools inside The Unnamed City
    • The Outcast Camp (C12): A golem can be found right along the snowy mountain ridge above the campsite
    • Fingerfang Rock (D7): Found on a slope beside the rocky formation
    • Temple of Frost (D14): From this NPC campsite, head towards the mountain slopes, and you can spot the golem protruding from the thick snowy blanket
    • Ruins of Xullan (F11): Inside the area of the ruins, a Blood Crystal golem can be seen patrolling
    • The Well of Skelos (F14): Along the trail of molten rock, a golem can be seen beside the entrance to the dungeon
    • Shrine of the Oracle (G/H13): Atop the stairs leading to the ruins is where you may encounter a golem
    • The Sinkhole (H6): Go inside the ruins, and amidst the sandy clouds is where you may see a golem hiding from plain sight.

All Isle Of Siptah Blood Crystal Locations:

  • Blood Crystal Rocknose Locations:
    • Tillerman's Watch (C6/7): Along the mountain ridge nearby a campsite
    • X'chotl West (C10): A rocknose can be seen nearby the Sanctuary of the Serpent vault
    • Grave of the Leviathan (D8): This rocknose can be seen between a grove of trees beside the sandy dunes.
    • X'chotl East (D9): A rocknose can be found walking the area by the entrance to the Gates of X'chotl ruins.
    • Harbor of the Twice-Drowned (E7): Along the steep cliff of the mountain pass, this rocknose is located above the Harbor of the Twice-Drowned vault.
    • Mountain Camp (E11): A rocknose is roaming nearby a Thrall Cage at this campsite.
    • Simmi/Boatswain's Beacon (F12): This rocknose freely roams an area on a cliff's edge overlooking the bay.
    • Small Camp (I8): This campsite is north of the Leyshrine of the Drowned location, and at the campsite, head south to find the rocknose.
    • Camp of the Castaways (I13): The rocknose is seen walking along the coastline near a large boulder.
    • Cairn of the First Men (K11): This rocknose can be seen nearby this stone monument, resembling Stonehenge.
    • New Luxur (L/M11): Not far from The Northwood POI is where you'll find this rocknose.
    • The Haunted Wreck (L8): Look for the beached shipwreck where you can spot the rocknose lurking around it.
    • Watchtower (N12): Search around the entrance to the Watchtower ruins, where you can find another rocknose.
    • Bastion of the Bat-demons (N/08): Below the entrance to the Bastion of the Bat-demons vault is where a rocknose can be spotted.
  • Blood Crystal Golem Locations:
    • Lava Pit (E6): West of Lubber's Watch, find the lava pit and a golem patrolling the northern part of the lava pit.
    • The Fractured Citadel (F5): Explore the area inside the ruins, where you can find a golem hiding out at one of its entrances.
    • The Tower (H10): Head west from the location where a golem is patrolling the area along the route.
    • Pit of the Grey Ones (I4/5): Behind the entrance to this ruins is a deserted area where a golem can be seen.
    • The Tower (I9): Travel south from the Tower and under a bridge where you can find another golem hiding out.
    • The Tower (I10): Hiding behind an ornate stone structure along the route is how you can spot another golem.
    • Eastlight (J4): Head slightly north from Eastlight to find a golem standing on an alcove.
    • The Pool of the Grey Ones (J5): A golem can be located hiding somewhere on the northern side of the ruins.

The best method to farm Blood Crystals is to have the Detect Resources spell equipped for your character. This can only be acquired by upgrading the Tome of Kurak to Level 6, where you can get the Word of Power: Detect Resources spell.

Once you’re at a farming location, cast the Detect Resources spell using the Arcane Staff, which reveals all Blood Crystals mining deposits. Then, using the harvesting tool, you can strike the deposit by which the number of crystals mined depends on your harvesting tool's power.

The advantage is a 50% chance of gaining bonus crystals based on the Harvest Amount Multiplier server setting for increasing resource farming and mining. You can use Blood Crystals mainly for crafting purposes that have yet to be revealed; however, it can be used in Golem Shaping, the game’s new mechanic, which lets you produce and assemble your golem.

And that completes this guide on all Blood Crystal Rocknose and Golem locations in Conan Exiles. We want to thank the YouTube channel Pixelcave for its complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC from 14th March 2023.

Where To Find Blood Crystals In Conan Exiles (2024)
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